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URAI Series

ROOTS™ URAI (Universal-RAI) Series

The detachable mounting feet can be switched to your required shaft configuration
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URAI Features

> Rigid one-piece cast iron casing
> Connections in std pipe sizes
> Straight, precision machined
2-lobe impellers
> Splash oil lubricated gears
> Carburized and ground alloy
steel spur timing gears
> Anti-Friction gears
> Ground steel shafts
> Center Timed for rotation
in either direction 

Roots Blower URAI

Other Models available

> URAI-G (Gas) features mechanical seals for gas applications
> URAI-DSL (Dual Splash Lube) features splash oil lubrication on both ends
> URAI-J (Whispair) features longer bearing life, lower vibration, and noise reduction.
> URAI-J-DSL (Whispair Dual Splash Lube) features splash oil lubrication on both ends, longer bearing life, lower vibration, and noise reduction.

URAI Specifications

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Model Part Number Flow Range Max ∆Pressure Max ∆Vacuum RPM RangeMax ∆TConnection SizeShaft Dia
22 URAI65102020to 71 CFM12 PSI15" Hg1530-5275225°F1" FPT0.625"
24 URAI65103020to 148 CFM7 PSI15" Hg1530-5275210°F2" FPT0.625"
32 URAI71048020to 142 CFM15 PSI16" Hg1090-3600240°F1.25" FPT0.75"
33 URAI65105020to 195 CFM12 PSI15" Hg1090-3600225°F2" FPT0.75"
36 URAI65106020to 330 CFM7 PSI15" Hg1090-3600225°F2.5" FPT0.75"
42 URAI65108020to 330 CFM15 PSI16" Hg884-3600240°F1.5" FPT0.875"
45 URAI65109020to 395 CFM10 PSI15" Hg884-3600225°F2.5" FPT0.875"
47 URAI65110020to 523 CFM7 PSI15" Hg884-3600225°F3" FPT0.875"
53 URAI65112020to 343 CFM7 PSI15" Hg763-2850225°F2.5" FPT1.125"
56 URAI65113020to 580 CFM13 PSI15" Hg763-2850225°F4" FPT1.125"
59 URAI65114020to 857 CFM7 PSI15" Hg763-2850225°F4" FPT1.125"
65 URAI65116020to 526 CFM15 PSI16" Hg636-2350250°F3" FPT1.375"
68 URAI65117020to 845 CFM14 PSI16" Hg636-2350240°F5" FPT1.375"
615 URAI65118020to 1583 CFM7 PSI12" Hg636-2350130°F6" FLANGE1.375"
76 URAI65120020to 765 CFM15 PSI16" Hg545-2050250°F4" FPT1.562"
711 URAI65121020to 1413 CFM10 PSI16" Hg545-2050225°F6" FLANGE1.562"
718 URAI65122020to 2316 CFM7 PSI12" Hg545-2050130°F8" FLANGE1.562"
Showing entries (filtered from total entries)
Roots Blower 33 URAI Right Hand Shaft


Right Shaft

Roots Blower 45 URAI-DSL Left Hand Shaft


Left Shaft

Roots Blower 32 URAI-G Top Shaft


Top Shaft

Roots 56 URAI-J Bottom Shaft


Bottom Shaft

Roots Blower 711 URAI

Roots Blower 711 URAI

Roots Blower 68 URAI-DSL

Roots Blower 68 URAI-DSL

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