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Blower Packages

Small footprint

Compact design
Removable silencers

Package Includes:
Rotary blower
TEFC motor
Spring-loaded motor base
V-belt drive
OSHA compliant belt guard
Removable silencers
Air inlet filter w/paper element
Heavy-duty base
Flex connector
Spool piece
Oil and grease
Installation manual

JL Components builds custom ROOTS blower packages for the air blower services market. 

While we can accommodate most PD Blowers on our base, as the ROOTS Authorized Distributor and Service Center for the Midwest (covering Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa), we offer a more competitive price than a bearing house or blower motor repair shop. We’re not your typical Gardner in Denver, we’re the grass Roots of the Midwest.

Engineered for easy maintenance
and maximum performance

Simple designs with the
plant technician in mind



Intake Silencer
Integral Base
Custom Motors
Spool Pieces
Flanges Adapters
Expansion Joints
VFD and Start/Stop

Gauges, Sensors, and Valves

Check Valve
Weighted Relief Valve
Pressure or Temp Switch
Vacuum Breaker Valve
Temperature Gauge
Differential Indicator

Sound enclosure install over blower package

Sound Enclosures

Aluminum Enclosure
Integral Base
Ventilation Fan
Acoustic Foam
Stainless Steel
Mild Steel

Custom Engineering

We can engineer a solution, draw it in AutoCad or Inventor, source the components, fabricate using your specified material of construction, and then ship to any location.

2D or 3D Cad Drawings

We strive to accomodate all drawing requests as quickly as possible.  

Blower package 821 RCS-J
ROOTS 821 RCS-J Blower, 250 HP WEG Motor, 10" Stoddard Silencers

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