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Sound Enclosures

JL Components industrial sound enclosures or “noise enclosures” are custom made per your requirements. From the type of metal used to the fasteners, we can accomodate spec fan motors, foam density/thickness...the options are endless!

Why Choose Us

A common practice in plants is to use “sound blankets” to address noisy equipment. Custom industrial noise enclosures by JL Components are superior to sound blankets for many reasons: initial cost, life expectancy, ventilation, cleanliness, attenuation performance, maximum equipment access, and reduced labor during installation. 

Blower Package inside Sound Enclosure


Custom Engineered

Provide us with the length, width, and height of your equipment and we will custom design an enclosure. Standard features include aluminum construction, Stainless bolt-on lift-off door hinges, zinc plated lifting lugs and door handles, convolute foam, acoustically engineered airbox, weather drip edge, chrome plated grab handles, and four-doors that lift off for easy equipment access.


No Guesswork

Since our experienced engineers calculate the heat-load of the equipment being enclosed, there is no guesswork if the equipment will be safe during peak operation. We offer heaters which can be controlled in conjunction with the fan to protect the equipment for both summer and winter operation. Equipment can be located outside the manufacturing area and be protected from the elements.


Superior Materials of Construction

We believe aluminum sound enclosures are superior to painted carbon steel enclosures, plastic modular sound panels, and fiberglass covers. Our 5052 marine grade aluminum does not rust or require coating or painting like steel does. It is corrosion proof and it is more durable in caustic and coastal environments. Aluminum effectively dissipates heat compared to absorbant steel products. Plastics/polymers break down over time, whereas aluminum transitions between hot and cold environments. Since it is a softer metal, it allows for both sound absorption and reflection back inside the enclosure.

Quick and Easy Installation

One benefit of aluminum noise enclosures is the lightweight construction. Installation is as easy as lifting the unit over the top of the equipment and lowering it down with a forklift. We recommend you bolt the enclosure to the floor or sub-base, connect your inlet or discharge piping, mount and wire the ventilation fan, and you are done!

Sound Enclosure Installation
Sound Enclosure Installation
Modular Sound Enclosure

Modular Sound Enclosures

Is your equipment large in size?
We can custom engineer a modular tube frame enclosure.

6063 Tube Frame

We construct our modular noise enclosure frame with 6063 aluminum tubing and heavy duty fasteners. The skin is 1/8" thick 5052 aluminum. You can choose from the standard convolute foam or optional 3" or 4" flat foam. We also offer mineral wool covered with perforated galvanized metal. 

Easy Installation

Modular units typically ship unassembled on skids. These modular noise enclosures can be assembled with a team of 2-3 workers in a couple hours. Typically you won't need an industrial lift or crane.

Cost Effective OSHA Solution

During the planning phase of a new project, you may evaluate whether a dedicated blower room or even a completely new structure is required. Not only is this a costly proposition but now hearing protection is required to enter the structure. Typical industrial sound enclosures from JL Components reduce sound attenuation by 20dB which allows you to facilitate your equipment and utilities in the same building/room.

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