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Silencers for industrial applications

Stoddard Silencers, Inc. has been designing industrial grade silencers, intake air filters and filter silencers since 1975. Its products and services are unsurpassed in the industrial market and Stoddard Silencers has gained a reputation for meeting and surpassing competitors in “head to head” comparisons.


Sometimes referred to as an industrial muffler or air muffler, funny enough works more like a car muffler than a firearm suppressor. The internal air is diverted through chambers and orifices to break down the pulsations into a constant air stream in turn reducing the noise level.

Discharge Silencers

D13H-3 Discharge Silencers

Discharge Silencers - A rotary blower, such as a Roots URAI or RAM, delivers large quantities of air or gas at constant volumes for pressure or vacuum applications. These systems can produce excessive noise and vibrations. Stoddard discharge silencers provide a solution to control the noise associated with these blowers.

D13-4 Intake Silencer

D33H-6 Intake Silencers

Intake Silencers - A rotary blower intake silencers is used for atmospheric air intake and pressure discharge applications. It is designed to reduce the pulsations and noise associated with rotary lobe, screw, and helical screw type blowers.

F21-246 intake filter silencer wF2-106 element

F21-246 intake filter silencer wF2-106 element

Air Filters and Intake Filter Silencers - Blowers, compressors and internal combustion engines all require clean air to work efficiently. Stoddard Silencers offers a full range of Intake Air Filters and Intake Filter Silencers for your air moving device or engine. A wide selection of available filter media allows you to select the filtration best suited for your application.

Vent Silencer

Steam Vent Silencer

Vent Silencers are used for venting high pressure gases to atmosphere in applications such as: Safety Relief Valves, Vent Valves, or Excess Venting. While typically designed for boiler applications, Stoddard Silencers vent silencers are engineered with one or two stage diffusers to treat the noise generated by the turbulence of high velocity gas streams. Vent silencers can be used in many applications when venting small or large volumes of gases to atmosphere.

Stainless Steel F72-4

Custom Stainless Steel F72

Blowers and compressors are built with very tight tolerances between the inner workings of the machines. Wear and tear on these components decreases their efficiency and affects the operation of their systems. To protect these inner components Stoddard Silencers manufactures Intake Air Filters and Intake Filter Silencers. The F64 and F72 Air Intake Filter and Filter Silencer is designed to mount directly on the inlet of an engine, blower or compressor. It will provide 16dB to 20dB noise reduction and the paper filter media has an efficiency of 99% on 1 micron particles.

Stoddard Air Filter Elements

Air Filter Elements

What sets Stoddard Silencers apart is the efficiency of the filter elements they provide. While most of the competition is using elements that filter 98% on 10 micron particles and larger. Stoddard Silencers uses a paper filter that arrests 99% of one micron particles and larger, It is standard on their F64 Intake Filter Silencer series. Comparisons of the internals of similar blowers show significantly more material gets through the 98% on ten micron filters.
Other media types available are washable polyurethane, washable felt, and wire mesh.

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