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ROOTS™ RAM™ Series

The detachable mounting feet can be switched to your required shaft configuration.
Click for instructions

RAM™ Features

> Heavy-duty unit with integral-shaft ductile iron impellers 
> Rigid one-piece casing and headplates are grey iron
> Drive end cover and end cover are aluminum
> Cylindrical roller bearings
> Detachable mounting feet
> Horizontal and vertical configurations available 

RAM™ Advantages

> Piston rings reduce air leakage
> Lip type oil seals prevent lubrication from entering the air chamber
> Hydrodynamic seal on the drive shaft prevents oil leaks
> Splash oil lubricated gears on drive and gear ends
> Carburized and ground alloy steel spur timing gears 

Whispair™ Units

> RAM-J (Whispair™) features longer bearing life, lower vibration, and noise reduction.
> RAM-GJ (Gas Whispair™) features mechanical seals for gas applications
> Tri-RAM Tri-lobe impellers combined with the Whispair™ discharge design, means quieter operation compared to a conventional unit operating at the same conditions.

Roots Blower 624 RAM
Roots Blower 616 RAM

Roots Blower 616 RAM

Roots Blower 409 RAM

Roots Blower 409 RAM

Roots Blower 418 RAM Right Hand Shaft

418 RAM

Right Shaft

Roots Blower 404 RAM Left Hand Shaft

404 RAM

Left Shaft

Roots Blower 617 TriRAM Top Shaft

617 Tri-RAM

Top Shaft

Roots Blower 624 RAM-GJ Bottom Shaft

624 RAM-GJ

Bottom Shaft

RAM™ & Tri-RAM Specifications

Click the model name to open a Quick Spec pdf  

Model Part Number Flow Range Max ∆PSIG Max ∆Vac RPM RangeMax ∆TConn/ShaftOil Horz
404 RAM821470XXto 396 CFM18 PSI16" Hg850-4000240°F3" FPT/1.5"55 0z.
406 RAM821480XXto 601 CFM18 PSI16" Hg850-4000240°F4" FPT/1.5"55 0z.
409 RAM821490XXto 900 CFM18 PSI16" Hg850-4000240°F4" FPT/1.5"55 0z.
412 RAM851500XXto 1199 CFM15 PSI16" Hg850-4000240°F6" FLANGE/1.5"55 0z.
418 RAM821510XXto 1832 CFM10 PSI16" Hg850-4000240°F8" FLANGE/1.5"55 0z.
612 RAMRC20516XXto 1581 CFM18 PSI16" Hg636-3000230°F8" FLANGE/2"145 Oz.
616 RAM851470XXto 2162 CFM15 PSI16" Hg636-3000230°F8" FLANGE/2"145 Oz.
624 RAM851480XXto 3244 CFM10 PSI16" Hg636-3000230°F10" FLANGE/2"145 Oz.
409 Tri-RAMRH‐20540XXto 847 CFM15 PSI16" Hg850-4750240°F6" FLG OR RECT/1.375"55 0z.
413 Tri-RAMRH‐20540XXto 1227 CFM15 PSI16" Hg850-4750240°F6" FLG OR RECT/1.375"55 0z.
416 Tri-RAMRH‐20540XXto 1412 CFM12 PSI16" Hg850-4750240°F8" FLG OR RECT/1.375"55 0z.
617 Tri-RAMRH‐20541XXto 2165 CFM15 PSI16" Hg640-3560230°F8" FLG OR RECT/1.968"145 Oz.
621 Tri-RAMRH‐20541XXto 2688 CFM12 PSI16" Hg640-3560230°F10" FLG OR RECT/1.968"145 Oz.
722 Tri-RAMRH‐20541XXto 3312 CFM15 PSI16" Hg545-3050240°F10" FLG OR RECT/2.362"225 Oz.
728 Tri-RAMRH‐20541XXto 4152 CFM12 PSI16" Hg545-3050240°F12" FLG OR RECT/2.362"225 Oz.
826 Tri-RAMRH‐20542XXto 4319 CFM15 PSI16" Hg475-2760230°F12" FLG OR RECT/2.755"376 Oz.

832 Tri-RAM

RH‐20542XXto 5399 CFM12 PSI16" Hg475-2760230°F12" FLG OR RECT/2.755376 Oz.
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