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Air Filters and Elements

Stoddard Models F64, F65, F65V and F72

Stoddard Air Filters are designed to mount directly in the air inlet piping system of engines, blowers or compressors and they provide 16dB to 20dB noise reduction. Various types of media are available including paper, washable polyester felt, wire mesh, and washable polyurethane. Refer to table below.

Replacement Filter Elements

Product contamination in the air chamber of a blower impeller is the catalyst for a multitude of problems and can be prevented with regular inspections and replacement of the filter element. An optional A40-108 Pressure Drop Indicator will indicate when the element requires your attention.

Provide us with the height, I.D. and O.D. and we will source any type or brand of element. 

Model Filter
Housing Size
Efficiency Elements
per Case
F641"F8-108Paper99% on 1 micron6
F641"F8-151Washable Felt99% on 3 micron1
F641"F8-129Wire Mesh90% on 20 micron1
F721" - 2.5"F8-119Washable Polyurethane98% on 10 micron1
F64 F65 F65V2" & 2.5"F8-108Paper99% on 1 micron6
F64 F65 F65V2" & 2.5"F8-151Washable Felt99% on 3 micron1
F64 F65 F65V2" & 2.5"F8-129Wire Mesh90% on 20 micron1
F722" - 4"F8-160Washable Polyurethane98% on 10 micron1
F64 F65 F65V3" - 5"F8-109Paper99% on 1 micron4
F64 F65 F65V3" - 5"F8-135Washable Felt99% on 3 micron1
F64 F65 F65V3" - 5"F8-130Wire Mesh90% on 20 micron1
F723" - 5"F8-120Washable Polyurethane98% on 10 micron1
F64 F65 F65V6"F8-110Paper99% on 1 micron2
F64 F65 F65V6"F8-134Washable Felt99% on 3 micron1
F64 F65 F65V6"F8-131Wire Mesh90% on 20 micron1
F726"F8-121Washable Polyurethane98% on 10 micron1
F64 F65 F65V8"F8-111Paper99% on 1 micron1
F64 F65 F65V8"F8-139Washable Felt99% on 3 micron1
F64 F65 F65V8"F8-132Wire Mesh90% on 20 micron1
F728"F8-122Washable Polyurethane98% on 10 micron1
F64 F6510" - 14"F8-137Paper99% on 1 micron1
F64 F6510" - 14"F8-148Washable Felt99% on 3 micron1
F64 F6510" - 14"F8-142Wire Mesh90% on 20 micron1
F7210" - 14"F8-123Washable Polyurethane98% on 10 micron1
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