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JL Components is proud to partner with the global market leader
in screw conveyors. WAMGROUP holds top-ranking positions
in each of its product lines in the field of
Bulk Solids Handling & Processing

WAMGROUP Bin Activator

BA Bin Activator

The BA by EXTRAC is the ultimate Bin Activator. Industrially manufactured in large series the BA excels by its seamless cone and its double-flanged, seamless gasket. The BA’s unique design features ensure totally safe operation over time. BA Bin Activators are used in various industrial applications to facilitate discharge of powdery or granular materials from a silo or hopper. The use of this equipment ensures optimum feeding of the material according to a “mass flow” condition, thus avoiding bridging or rat holing phenomena.

WAMGROUP TX Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor

TX Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor

TX Stainless Steel Tubular Screw Conveyors offer a variety of solutions for conveying or feeding powdery or granular materials. They are suitable for applications in which any contamination of the material handled has to be strictly avoided and where absolute cleanliness and perfect resistance to corrosion are required: environmental technology, flour and animal feed milling, food processing and packaging, plastics and chemicals, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.

WAMGROUP Loading Bellow

ZA Loading Bellow

BELLOJET ZA Loading Bellows are used for efficient, dust-controlled loading of dry, dusty bulk solids into tankers. The spouts are provided with inner tapered cones to contain the flow of material and an outer double bellows to provide for dust removal. At the lower end of the Loading Bellows, a SINT engineering polymer-coated cone with special sealing properties is provided for connection to the tanker.

WAMGROUP SU Screw Feeder

SU Screw Feeder

SU-type Single Shaft Screw Feeders are available with standard U-shaped or with flared V-section trough. In a light-duty version, SU-Feeders are used for flour and materials with similar bulk density and properties. For animal feed and similar products a heavy-duty version is available.

WAMGROUP VL Slide Valves

VL Slide Valves

The increased use of WAM’s special SINT engineering polymer in designing the VL range makes these Slides Valves the ideal equipment for intercepting the flow of powdery or granular materials in gravity or conveying applications. VL Slide Valves are available in a variety of configurations including rectangular sizes. In the VLQ version the valves come with a square, in the VLC version with a circular open cross section, whereas in the VLR-version it is rectangular. The VLS version with square cross section has a pneumatic actuator integrated in its frame. 

WAMGROUP RVS Blow-Through Rotary Valves

RVS Rotary Valves 

RVS Blow-Through Rotary Valves are the ideal solution for feeding powdery or granular materials into a pneumatic conveying system. Two compartments at a time of the continuously turning rotor are filled up with material entering through the inlet at the top of the Rotary Valve. After less than half a turn material falls through the bottom outlet into an air stream passing through a pneumatic conveying pipeline connected with the bottom part of the Rotary Valve.

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